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Book 3: Revelation of the Scrolls!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Christmas Greetings!

2020… Wow… what a strange time we are living in. Thinking back over a few short decades, life seemed to be a lot less complicated. At least it seems that way as we roll through the years. Between technology, socialism and plainly an anti-God mentality, the world is definitely moving away from our core beliefs as Christians.

So… what do we do? Should we crawl in our safe place and live in fear? Or do we shout from the mountain top that Jesus is Lord?! Friend of God, I pray you join your brothers and sisters in Christ, who dwell on our little piece of ground called earth, and let your voice be heard in the courts of heaven. I guarantee God is going to sort it all out.

As this troubled year winds down, I believe we should reflect on the positives in our lives, prioritizing what is profoundly important, and remaining thankful for the kindnesses shown to us during this past year. God is good!

After recently celebrating Thanksgiving, I have to say my wife and I are still in the ‘counting our blessings’ mode, and noting what we are to be thankful for. Like so many others- along with blessings, we have been experiencing a long walk through a dark valley. (We Christians are absolutely not bullet proof!) Fear not, because we can see the mountaintop in the distance and have faith God is in the healing business! As we count down the days to Christmas, I pray we help each other stay focused on Christ and the price He paid for our salvation.

Update on book three of The Portal Series, “Revelation of the Scrolls”: The Kindle e-book is now available on Amazon: CLICK HERE. The paperback will hopefully be released within days. I am hopeful you will thoroughly enjoy this wild tale. Warning… after reading, you may tend to seek out the Lord in a fresh new way.

Through the love of Christ,

Russell L. Martin

P.S. Become a part of this ministry by simply leaving a nice review on Amazon for each book of the series. This will help us compete with an endless sea of secular writers. This fiction series is uniquely written with scripture and Christian moral values, sprinkled throughout. In short, our end goal is planting seeds of salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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