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"The Portal Series" Book #3 - Coming Soon!

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Hello everyone!

Here's a personal note from the author:

"Hope all is well with you folks. It's been a really busy spring and summer for us here at home. God has truly blessed us with an abundance of rain this year down here in the south. I'm not complaining, just explaining- but I had to do a lot of bush hogging and mowing to keep our place looking like someone lives here. No vacations- it's been church, a few family gatherings, lots of chores, a little guitar picking, and a lot of writing. Sounds like a boring life, wouldn't you say? Just kidding, we're enjoying being busy about God's work with our book ministry! To our surprise, we're now touching hearts in several other countries, such as Canada, Australia, Japan and the UK. Through the years, I've always felt that I needed to do more for the Lord- in some kind of ministry. I would have never imagined, in a thousand years, that God would use me in such a way, that someone on the other side of the planet could be touched by the Holy Spirit reading our books. Thank You, Jesus!

Much love to all,

Russell L. Martin"

Now switching gears to newsy updates from Russell's number one helpy-helper assistant, the wifey- Laura *smiles* :

The writing for Book 3 is going well and Russell should near the finish line hopefully within the next 6-8 weeks. We have a team of editors following close behind, and then the formatting work will begin. We are still shooting for the goal to have it out by Christmas.

Y'all need to get ready- this book is jam-packed full of action! As Chado Cole and Uriel continue their God ordained mission, drama and trouble is brewing on every single page!

~~Here's a little something extra for our beloved readers: It looks like there will be a 4th book in The Portal Series, coming in 2020!

Once Russell completes the writing of book #3, he plans to make himself available for any speaking engagements the Lord might bring our way. In the same way that the Holy Spirit has anointed him in the writing of these novels, He has also blessed him with the gift of public speaking. Russell never meets a stranger. He does well talking to people one-on-one, or talking to groups. He has spoken several times at area churches, schools, and even a federal prison.

The picture to the right is from a speaking event Russell was invited to a few months back at one of our local churches. The ladies at the function seemed to enjoy their guest speaker.

The picture below was taken outside a federal prison here in central Louisiana, right after Russell spoke to a group of prisoners. He said it was such a blessing to interact with inmates who were very open to hearing the stories he shares from his life, and how God delivered him through each one.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in booking Russell for a speaking engagement, please contact us by email at:

or by regular mail:

1214 James Branch Road

Dry Prong, LA 71423

We both are continually touched and encouraged by the communications we receive from readers. Your wonderful stories are so very encouraging and really bless our hearts and lives! This really helps us to know without doubt that we are right in middle of the will of God- and there is no better place to be! We covet your prayers that all will go smoothly, as we work to meet the finish goals! That is a powerful way to help and support us!

With love and prayer for many blessings upon you and yours,

Laura & Russell L. Martin

“The​ ​Portal Series” Book 1- “Scars of My Guardian Angel” Book 2- “Bloodline of the Scrolls” Book 3- “Revelation of the Scrolls”

P.S. Please be sure to follow us on social media to stay informed and connected:

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