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     A silence fell over the throne room as the angels of Heaven watched closely when Lucifer came to present himself before the Lord.

     The Lord God said to Satan, “Lucifer son of perdition; why are you walking with the Host of Heaven? What business do you have here? Where is it you have come from?”

     Satan answered the Lord, “I have need of your mighty patience and that you would bend your ear to listen to my request as I humbly stand before you and the Host of Heaven. I have been walking upon the earth, roaming throughout, passing back and forth.”

     “Deceiver of man, you have my ear, I will hear your request.”

     “Oh God of Heaven and Earth, Designer of the stars, I seek the soul of a child. His bloodline has no purpose to you.”

     “What child do you seek, Prince of the air?”

     “My servants informed me that the Christ has visited this Little Soul and allowed him to see into the Spiritual Realm.  This child’s bloodline has been cursed for six generations. His fathers before him have rejected the Holy Trinity. Allow me this request; he is of no value to you. God of Abraham, take away his hedge of protection, surely you have no need of this Little Soul.”

     “Silence son of darkness. Have you wisdom so great that you now see into the mind of the Alpha and Omega? Were you there when I formed the springs of the deep, or when I breathed life into the nostrils of man? Have you knowledge of how to create the birth of a galaxy? Son of perdition, I hear the reverent prayers of this Little Soul’s mother, and her groaning from fasting cries out to me in the night. As she humbles herself before this throne, I shall break this generational curse with the father of this child you call, Little Soul.”

     Eight years earlier; it was August 25th 1960, when a proud father of his second son leans over, resting his head against the thick glass of a newborn nursery. Staring at this little 7lb, 8oz., bundle of joy, Mr. Travis breaks into a subtle smile, relieved that mom’s ok and we seem to have all ten toes and fingers. He’s got a bit of a cone head, but that’s normal considering just making a journey through the birth canal.

     Travis feels a slight tug on his pants leg; it’s the three year old big brother, Gerald. “Hey there big man, you want to see your baby brother?” The dark eyed toddler stretches his arms out for a lift up. He settles in on the hip of his tall slender father as they both continue to stare at the only baby in the nursery of this small family clinic.

     “Daddy, what his name is?”

     Travis points to the name tag on the front of the clear plastic crib. “See right there, it says Chad Cole.”

     The toddler giggles, “Shadow, Shadow, Shadow.”

     “No big man, it’s Chad Cole.”

     Gerald shakes his head, “Shadow, his name Shadow.”

     “Well big man, he will probably be your little shadow, so what if we give him a nickname and call him Chado? How’s that?”

     “Okay Daddy, Chado my brother’s name.”

     Travis grins from ear to ear as he follows Gerald. The happy toddler bounces all the way back down the hall to Mom’s room. “Chado, Chado, Chado’ Momma, my brother’s name is Chado.”

     Mrs. Mildred, very tired from just giving birth, looks over at Travis, “What’s he saying, Shadow or Chado?”

     “Well honey, usually folks wait awhile before they give their kid a nickname, baby brother has only been here a couple hours and Gerald just gave him one. He’s saying Chado.”

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