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This book has it all... excitement, sadness, happiness, wittiness,

love -lots of love- and beauty. Oh my, the perfect portrait of Heaven;

I stand amazed! I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough… brilliantly

written and graphically perfect! The best book, second to the

Bible, I’ve ever read! I loved it, and can’t wait for next one in the

series! I remember Summer  and can’t wait to see her again when I

get to heaven! Thank you for sharing this irreplaceable masterpiece!

WANDA HARLAN - Co-Owner, Office Supervisor & Accountant - Harlan Insurance Agency 

From the first page until the last; I could not put the book down.  The author, Russell L. Martin, was able to capture my imagination drawing out multiple emotions of excitement, sadness, fear, peace and hopefulness.  After reading this book, I absolutely want and desire to be a better Christian and hope that my actions on Earth will help lead others to have an opportunity to experience an eternity of bliss.  What a wonderful and detailed description of what Heaven will be like.  The book answers many questions and is a warning on demonic warfare.  It is a true roadmap for believers and non-believers alike.  I can only imagine what I will do or how I will react when the day comes that I go to Heaven.  I just hope that everyone takes this opportunity to meet me there!  This is a must read for sure.

JAMES SCHAEFER - Chief Operating Officer/ Co-Founder - DeliveryMaxx

I have always wondered what heaven might be like. We all have ideas and most are probably far from the truth. My mother, about a week before she left this earth, said, “I think I know why God doesn’t tell us more about heaven. If we knew how good it was, too many Christians would be in a hurry to get there!” This book opened my mind to possibilities I had never considered. Rusty is a wonderful story teller and I found myself caught up in his stories about his younger days, his family, and his work experiences. At times I was not able to stop reading, as I laughed and cried. So many emotions are stirred by the different real and imagined happenings! I highly recommend “Scars of My Guardian Angel” to anyone who enjoys Christian fiction!

ROSELYN NICEWARNER - Retired Computer Consultant and Teacher

This book is by far one of the best books that I have ever read. It is beautifully and graphically written, with imagery and visions of Heaven beyond anything that I could have ever imagined. It is a true testament to the wonder-working power of our Creator and exposes the treacherous events that unfold around us constantly without our knowledge. There is a constant battle between the light and the dark and this book certainly brings it back to the forefront of our minds. It has everything you could possibly want in a book, joy, sadness, action, suspense, and beauty beyond belief! Be ready to put things on hold, because you won't be putting it down until the end!

JENNIFER MICHIELS - Author of "Divine Instruction" and "Outcry" -

From the first page to the last, I was captivated by Rusty’s marvelous writing, feeling like I was right there with Chado through thick and thin. ‘Scars’ drew raw emotion right out of my inner being – from hairs standing up on the back of my neck to tears welling in my eyes, from the rush of adrenaline to a calming sense of peace, and from gut-wrenching sorrow to pure elation. Every one of my senses, including my sixth, was tapped by such superb imagery in both the worldly and spiritual realms. And heaven – oh my – what a vivid portrayal of our Creator’s true masterpiece!  For a fictional novel, ‘Scars’ possesses so much truth about the importance of our relationships with each other, our guardian angels, and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What a blessing it was to read.

CHRIS K. MOODY – President, Osage Energy Group, LLC

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